Refrigeration (air conditioning, truck refrigeration units, industrial, Marine, ammonia NH3 units)

img-refrigeration1 Initially Florecold Ltd had spread its wings in the field of commercial & industrial refrigeration only. However with due time and expansion, the company proliferated into several other areas and started refrigeration for marine containers i.e. reefers. To meet the raising demands from our clients, the company also started repairing & monitoring works of reefers.

We have always believed in delighting our customers by providing customized services and thus fitting up cold rooms as per our clients requirements have always been our strength. Whether the client desires negative or positive refrigeration, we undertake to manufacture, install, supply, and test and commission it for them.

img-refrigeration2 Our patrons benefit from years of experience & expertise in the field of refrigeration. We carefully select the most beneficial, technologically up to date, cost effective materials and equipments to create perfectly controlled conditions.

We manufacture our own polyurethane panels for cold rooms and also import panels & doors from foreign states on request for the project. Besides this, we also hold expertise in ammonia refrigeration for cold rooms & beverage refrigeration system.

Our clients for refrigeration envelop both local and regional frontiers.

We provide solutions for:

  • Industries (for e.g. beer cellars)
  • Commercial outlets
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals & Laboratory
  • Reefers
  • Transport
  • Repair & monitoring works on reefers etc



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Ammonia Refrigeration

Receiver Vessel
Ammonia Refrigeration

Liquid Trap Vessel
Ammonia Refrigeration

Vertical Immediate Cooler Vessel
Ammonia Refrigeration

Horizontal Immediate Cooler
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Ammonia Refrigeration

Liquid separator Vessel


Download brochure of Pressure Vessels for more information in pdf version



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Some of our reputed clients:

  • HAPPY WORLD FOOD: One of the biggest food and grocery distributors in Mauritius
  • PRINCESS TUNA Ltd: one of the most technologically advanced tuna processing and Production Company in Mauritius.
  • COPE SUD: it specializes in the production of potatoes on a large scale.
  • SKC SURAT Co Ltd: One of the biggest importers and exporters of fruits in Mauritius.
  • The MAURITIUS FREEPORT and DEVELOPMENT Co Ltd which represent an important part of the distribution and marketing Hub of the country is one of our most valued customers.