Precision and Engineering Metal Works

img-metalworks1 Among our projects, we take on large scale precision metal works. Our machinery is equipped with the latest large guillotine and bending machine. As per your requirements, our creative team can work wonders using stainless steel, aluminum, inox, galvanized sheets etc...

Steel metal processing that we perform include Air handling, air ventilation, and air extraction, ducting systems, louvers and grilles. Our skilled technicians fabricate ducts and fittings to your specifications with maximum precision to ensure an effective and efficient installation.

We also service on requirement various types of sophisticated kitchen equipment for restaurants and hotels in the islands vicinity as well as metal furniture/cabinets for industrial use.

img-metalworks2 We do inox piping works for dairy products, beverages in order to maintain a proper control over temperature as well as insulation works for piping and tanks. Both pipe insulation and tank insulation helps in conserving energy as it helps water to remain hotter for a longer period of time by minimal loss of heat.

We provide solutions for:

  • Kitchen in Hotels & restaurants
  • Beverage industries
  • Food industries
  • Hospitals etc




Work Table
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Some of our reputed clients:

BEVERAGE INDUSTRIES: Phoenix beverages, Stag beverages Ltd

FOOD INDUSTRIES: Dairyvale (Dairy product unit of Innodis ltd)