HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning)

img-aircon1 Design, supply, installation, servicing, testing and commissioning of air conditioning unit and temperature controls systems is our force.

Florecold offers a wide range of domestic, commercial air conditioning products ranging between small split type systems to central systems installations. Our thorough knowledge of air conditioning ensures that you are provided with the correct installation for your premises for a comfortable environment. We only trade with high quality manufacturers and the product brands which are CLIMAVENETA, FRAVID, TICA, TRANE and BINI. We also supply generators and undertake maintenance of these units. Our clients extend to para-statal organizations and government bodies.

Furthermore we also specialize in the design, supply and installation of ventilation systems for domestic and tower buildings to keep your spaces fresh and aired out by constantly forcing in fresh air and squeezing the old air, moisture and heat out thus removing damaging vapors.

We use a wide range of CASALS fans for our projects. For Building Technical Ventilation we use roof fans, soundproof cabinet inline fans, 400 degree Celsius /2h outside and inside the hazardous area, domestic range and for industrial ventilation we use Axial fans, long cased Axial fans, low pressure centrifugal fans, medium pressure centrifugal fans and high pressure centrifugal fans.


Air conditioners

Air Cooled Ducted Type AC
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Floor standing Type AC
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Cassette Type AC
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Window Type AC


Download brochure of Floor standing Type AC, Cassette Type AC & Window Type AC for more information in pdf version